October 6, 2015

Officially a Big Boy!

We had a fantastic conference with Chase's teacher two weeks ago. One area though that the teacher said he wasn't making progress in was the potty training, which I had been struggling with at home as well. The teacher decided to be bold though and offered for me to cut out pull ups altogether during the school day and have me start sending him to school in underwear (minion underwear to be exact), despite him not being anywhere close to potty trained! She was willing to work with any accidents and clothes changes necessary - such an amazing offer!

Well, the next day we sent Chase to school in underwear - no pull ups at all - and lo and behold, he came home that day with only having had one accident at school! Since then, he has been just in underwear nonstop during the day, and hasn't had more than an accident a day! We're taking him to the potty on a regular basis - quite frequently - and this time he's actually cooperating and being willing to at least try to go each time.

What a huge reversal in behavior, and a grown up change for Chase!! We are thrilled!

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